GMA300-650E/D cement mixer & agitator

GMA300-650E/D cement mixer & agitator is a combination of mixer and agitator, it is specially design for continuous cement mixing and grouting in ground/underground engineering. It can produce various types of grout, such as water, cement, bentonite and additive could be mixed in the 300L mixer machine, then the mixed slurry can be stored into a 650 liters agitator, thus the mixing work can continuously be done. For the power, there are diesel engine and electric motor for option
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  1. One-man operation
  2. Extremely fast mixing
  3. No seals to wear out from grout
  4. Simple grout transfer from mixer to agitator

  300L MIXER 
Rated capacity300 liter
Acceptable W/C ratio≥0.5:1
Mixing time3 min
Max emptying speed1200L/min
Mixing speed1500rpm
Weight300 kgs
Overall Dimension850mmdiax750mm
Rated capacity650 liter
Rated Rev.30rpm
Weight150 kgs
Overall Dimension900mm diax1050mm
Water tank
Rated capacity150 liter
GMA300-650 E/D grout mixer and Agitator

18HP (ZS1105 Changchai diesel engine)

7.5 KW( grout mixer)+1.5KW(Agitator)

 electric motor(3 phase, 380V, 50HZ)


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