GGP10/40-E grout pump is a customized mini type grouting pump, mainly used for injecting cement grout tubes, repairing damaged / dangerous structures, consolidating or weatherproofing walls, rocks, dams, and tunnels, pumping special products for anchoring and seals. It can also be used for teaching and research.
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  1. Grouting pressure, displacement is stepless adjustable;
  2. Compact size, light weightand easy to maintain;
  3. Low maintenance cost;
  4. With counting function,it can record the reciprocating number of the injection pump;
  5. Continuousoutput and small pulse;
  6. Hydraulic driven and control.

LGP10/40-E Grout pump
Adjustable pressure0-40bar
Adjustable flow rate0-10L/min
Cylinder diameter63mm
Power unit3Kw
Oil tank49L
Overall dimension900*500*1450mm


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