GGP12/100-E small grout pump

GGP12/100-E small grout pump is a custom made mini type grouting pump, mainly used for injecting cement grout tubes, repairing damaged / dangerous structures, consolidating or weatherproofing walls, rocks, dams, and tunnels, pumping special products for anchoring and seals. It can also be used for teaching and research.
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  1. Grouting pressure, displacement is step-less adjustable
  2. Compact size, light weightand easy to maintain
  3. Low maintenance cost
  4. With counting function,it can record the reciprocating number of the injection pump
  5. Continuousoutput and small pulse
  6. Hydraulic driven and control

LGP12/100E Grout pump
Adjustable pressure0-100bar
Adjustable flow rate0-12L/min
Cylinder diameter63mm
Power unit4Kw, 380V 50Hz 3phase
Oil tank49L
Overall dimension900*500*1450mm


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