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Concrete Pump | EPC Material Placement | North Carolina

Introducing EPC Material Placement. Offering Boom Pump, Telebelt, Small Line Pump, and Laser Screed services, we help expedite our clients operational needs in placing concrete, stone, sand, and soil materials. Servicing an approximate 200 mile radius, we are able to cover Central NC, Southern Va, as well Northern SC.

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Concrete Pump Parts, System, Primer and Accessories

With over 150 years of combined experience, The Concrete Pump Supply team’s dedicated and knowledgeable staff has been devoted to serving the concrete placement industry for over 30 years. Our number one goal is ensuring our customer gets their job done safely, and on time. Therefore, we oversee the development of all our products.

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Concrete Pump Hose – Concrete Pump Supply

CPS Stocks hose of all sizes and lengths for concrete pumps Our CPS Bulldog branded hose is designed by concrete pumpers and manufactured to our specification. Our hoses are perfect for pumping any wet material. We offer both textile and steel …

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Although the high slump (high initial water-cement ratio of conventional grout) may concern those familiar with lower slump cementitious products such as concrete or mortar, concrete masonry units are absorptive, and the higher water content of grout is critical to insure that in-place grout has sufficient remaining water, after absorption by …

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Concrete Trailer | Line Pumps For Sale

Trailer pumps can pump up to 2,000ft. vertically and up to 8,000ft. horizontally. They are extremely versatile and can pump concrete almost anywhere for high-rise structures, underground tunnels and shafts and even underwater for marine construction.

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DIY Concrete Guide: How to order concrete, How to

Another thing to consider when learning how to order concrete is to decide whether or not you need a concrete pump. Our Concrete Line Pumps are used when the job is in a hard to reach areas that a concrete truck cannot reach with a chute, such as going around a home, buildings, through a building, over tall walls, pouring lintels, etc.