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Concrete Pumping Safety – The Concrete Network

PUMP SAFETY Checking for Wear. Pumping performance, as well as safe operation of the pumping system, may be affected by worn couplings or gaskets, which may let air into the line or allow grout to escape. Couplings: Typically wear on the surface that comes into contact with the pipe.

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Causes of Blockage, Concrete Pumping – The Concrete …

Concrete can bleed due to poorly graded sand that allows water to bleed through the small channels formed due to voids in the sand or if the concrete is too wet. Insufficient mixing can cause segregation in the mix. For successful pumping, aggregate must have a full coating of cement grout to lubricate the mix as it is being pumped.

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Getting ready to pump concrete: Priming a boom

Aug 24, 2019· Home » Concrete Pumping & Safety Articles » Home » Getting ready to pump concrete: Priming a boom. Getting ready to pump concrete: Priming a boom . Ok, we have got the boom set-up in a satisfactory way; we know what we are pouring and what we need to do. Let’s say we are using a 4" hose off the boom with a 5 to 4 reducer. … Concrete pumps …

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Grout Pumps| Concrete Construction Magazine

Mar 26, 2007· Pump serves high-volume jobs. The King Cobra Model 640 is ideal for high-volume shotcrete, structural concrete, and grout pumping applications. It features up to 40 cu yd/hr production capability, 1100-psi maximum pump pressure, and a 101-hp diesel engine. The variable speed, hydraulic piston pump and twin-shifting cylinders ensure smooth …Author: Author/Masonry-Construction-Staff

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Concrete Pump Safety Issues| Concrete Construction Magazine

Concrete pumping is the most efficient way to place concrete and if all safety concerns are addressed before, during, and after a placement, the chance for accidents will be minimized. If you have questions about a placement requiring a concrete pump, ask the concrete pumping contractor to visit the jobsite and help you with the pre-pour plan.Author: Author/Michael-Cusack

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Concrete Pumping 101 –

Concrete Pumping 101 training on how to use concrete pumps, how to create concrete pumping admixtures, how to do cement pumping, concrete pumping aggregate The following information is provided by United Equipment Sales for your knowledge and better understanding of concrete pumping.

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Safety Matters: Concrete Pump Safety| Concrete

Safety is a major concern of every person involved in the concrete pumping industry. It is vital to everyone involved with concrete pumping, from the concrete pump operator, to the ready mix driver, to the man on the end of the hose and to the construction contractor, that at all times they all must make safety a top priority.

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Hose whip on concrete pumps –

Apr 11, 2008· Concrete pumping is an economical and efficient means of placing concrete for most concrete placement jobs in the construction industry today. Knowing how to safely work with the concrete pump on the jobsite will help to ensure you have a successful and profitable pour. Hose whipping accidents are …Author: Author/Mike-Cusack

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Mobile Concrete and Grout of Alaska

The purpose of this alert is to highlight the hazards and risks to workers caused by hose whip on concrete pumps. ‘Hose whip’ describes the uncontrolled and rapid motion of the flexible rubber hose on the end of a concrete placement boom or other concrete delivery line. The following information is provided to assist employers, self-employed people, principal contractors, clients and project …

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Concrete & mortar use in conventional tunneling: an

Alaska Concrete Technologies Inc. dba Mobile Concrete and Grout of Alaska is a locally owned company incorporated in 2000, providing concrete and grouting services throughout Alaska. Terry Waschke, owner, has over 40 years of experience in the production, pumping, and quality control of concrete and grout.

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EZG Manufacturing | Masonry, Fence, Precast, Custom Fab

The method behind the concrete pour for the slab lining will depend mostly on the size of the tunnel’s section: those large enough to allow the transit and maneuvering of mixer trucks will be able to use truck-mounted concrete pumps. Smaller-section tunnels will require additional equipment such as long-distance pumps. Shotcrete

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What’s the furthest you can pump? – Concrete Pumping

Whether it’s masonry, fencing, precast, refractory, industrial cleaning, or custom fabrication, we create powerful, innovative solutions.

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Safety and Health Topics | Concrete and Concrete Products

Feb 02, 2008· I’m new her so first it’s nice to know that there is a site designed for this unique industry. They want me to try and pump 1500′ on a 2/1 slope both up and down the hill, I was just wondering if this was at all possible and if so what would be the best mix design for …

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This section identifies some of the major industry segments involved in the manufacturing of concrete and concrete products, and in construction work with concrete. It also lists some of the leading workplace hazards for these industries and links to safety and health resources for controlling these …