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Slump is a measure of concrete consistency or fluidity. Consistency is the ability of freshly mixed concrete to flow. For given proportions of cement and aggregates (without admixtures), the higher the slump, the wetter the mix. Four-inch (4”) slump is very common with normal weight concrete and is a good average slump for pumping.

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Grout pumps can be used to fill small voids and door jams and they are available in either manual, electric, gas, hydraulic and air powered. Concrete pumps are strong enough to lift up many stories and even lift slabs of concrete. It’s worth mentioning that certain model concrete pumps …

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Naturally, the concrete mix must be suitable for its particular application, but it must also contain enough water for the mix to move easily through the reducers, bends and hoses found in most basic pipeline setups. Pump primers can greatly reduce issues associated with pumping concrete and help pumping …

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Pumping lightweight concrete can sometimes be difficult. Successful pumping can be done when a few precautions are considered before the actual placement. The pump lines should be as large as possible, preferably 5 inch with a minimum number of elbows, reducers and rubber hose sections.

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High-strength concrete mixes offer exceptional durability and long-lasting performance. Be sure to choose a high-strength concrete mix like Sakrete 5000 Plus High Strength Concrete Mix, or Sakrete Concrete Countertop mix for your concrete countertop project to …

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4. What is “lightweight concrete”? How will it affect pumping? Lightweight concrete is made using lightweight aggregates of expanded shale, clay and slag. These are used to produce structural lightweight concrete with a freshly mixed unit weight of 90-120 pounds per cubic foot. Normal weight concrete is typically 135-150 pounds per cubic foot.

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WHO IS THE BEST CONCRETE PUMP TRUCK MANUFACTURER? Trying to pick the best concrete pump manufacturer, would be a topic of debate among concrete pump owners of Schwing concrete pumps, Putzmeister concrete pumps, Reed concrete pumps, Concord concrete pumps, Alliance concrete pumps and the many other brands of concrete pump trucks out on the market.

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Pumping lightweight concrete can be achieved, but care needs to be taken so that the concrete mix doesn’t separate. For pumpable mixes it is usual to use a natural sand, i.e. not to have a lightweight aggregate for the fine portion of the mix and to have a high workability so that increased pump friction and blockage is avoided.

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The reinforced cement concrete is defined as the concrete to which reinforcement is introduced to bear the tensile strength. Plain concrete is weak in tension and good in compression. … Lightweight Concrete. … Hence one such property of concrete to easily pump will result in the design of pumpable concrete.

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Buy And Sell New or Used Concrete Equipment. Sell My Equipment. Featured Equipment. 2007, McNeilus, Bridgemaster 10.5, Used; … How to Buy a Used Concrete Pump Best Practices. Intended Audience: This article is for those who are considering the purchase of a used concrete pump who have little or no industry experience. Or, for the seasoned …

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