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Jet Grouting – Casagrande

Jet Grouting is a modern, fast and effective method applied in soils and in weak rocks for the creation of deep foundation elements. With Jet Grouting, soil is mixed in site directly with the stabilizer (usually a water/ cement admixture) which is injected at very high pressure (300 Bar al least).

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C12 XP-2 – Casagrande

Jet grout columns used to encapsulate an existing sewer and prevent soil and ground-water from entering the excavation. Jet grouting for excavation support directly beneath an existing building. Overlapping jet grout columns created a bottom seal within a slurry wall excavation.

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the proper fit-for-purpose design, and the proper installation. This Guide to Epoxy Grouting is designed to help equipment manufacturers, engineers and specifiers, owners and … be in contact with the grout, including anchor bolt holes, must be properly prepared. The … angle to facilitate placement. A back board, or splash board form should …

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The jet-grouting technique Operational methods and equipment The ‘jet-grouting’ technology pnntarily consists of in; , controlled quantities cement grout through small diameter bore holes (7 Cm diameter) to treat controlled The treatment can be performed using three different methods. The first [wo were developed in Italy and the third is origin.

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THE NEW C12 XP-2 represents the joint venture between over 50 years of Casagrande’s experience in the field of drilling, together with the innovation a feature, which characterized the long history of company’s successe. The C12XP-2 is the new Casagrande drill rig designed and manufactured to tackle the larger projects in the field of foundation and is suited for constructing anchors …

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Soilcrete® Jet Grouting equipment consists of a high pressure pumping unit, cement mixing … at the base of the hole. 2. Grouting Turbulence caused by the jet results in the uniform mixing of grout and soil. Excess … § Base soil friction angle F Friction force FS Factor of safety Ps At-rest or active soil force