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GP300 | Geoprobe Systems®

The GP300 Injection Machine is a stand alone hydraulically-driven dual piston pump. Originally designed to pump high viscosity materials such as HRC ®, the GP300 can deliver grouts or remediation fluids at a rate of 3.5 GPM with pressures up to 1300 PSI.The power plant behind this pump is a manual start 9 HP Honda gasoline engine.

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Grout Pumps (High Pressure) – Colcrete Eurodrill

Grout Pumps (High Pressure) Colcrete Eurodrill manufactures and supplies the comprehensive range of Colcrete high pressure ram and piston pumps, widely used for the pumping of cementitious grouts bentonite and other slurries in the construction, tunnelling and mining industries.Author: Patrick Mcgowan

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Grout Pumps | Armstrong Machine

WE HAVE OVER 700 GROUT PUMPS IN THE FIELD, WITH MORE LEAVING EVERYDAY!!!!! PUMP TYPE: Dual acting Plunger Pump, weight 265 lbs., (stand mounted 60" x 39"x18"). Hammer unions allows you to disassemble entire pump in less than 3 minutes.

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New York Post-Tension, LLC. – Equipment

These units feature a 45-gallon (170 liters) mixing tank, a large 30-gallon (113 liters) holding hopper and the popular single-acting 3" piston grout pump. Each mixing tank is equipped with baffles, bag breakers and a variable speed high-efficiency paddle mixer that provides rapid grout mixing.

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Grout and Drill Pump (MG Pump) | TOYO SHOJI English Web …

motion into a reciprocating action. In a single acting pump, the backward stroke of the piston causes a suction which pulls in liquid through the inlet valve. (The same suction action keeps the discharge valve closed). On the forward stroke, the increase in pressure generated by the piston, closes the inlet valve and opens the discharge valve.

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Grout Pump – YBM

Toyo shoji group has several type of MG pump. MG series pumps are highly efficient multi-purpose pumps, Our maximum pump have with the inverter and japan manufactured with thorough the consideration of the sites working condition.

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Full Injection Hydraulic Grouting Pump – Dry Mortar mixer

Soil Mix Piling (Grout Mix Piling) Transferring Water or Cement fluids FEATURES: Single Piston Pump, Double Acting Crankcase, Cylinder case, V-pulley are made of Aluminum alloy. MORE: Max, Pressure: 30 kg / cm 2: … Duplex Piston Pump, Double Acting Strong construction, Long life :

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Difference Between Single Acting & Double Acting Cylinders

MAXICOL GROUT PUMP (Twin piston) 9.6/4.8 50/100 15 MIDICOL 180DHP GROUT PUMP (D/acting ram) 8.0 100 15 MINICOL 160DHP GROUT PUMP (D/acting ram) 4.5 100 11 MINICOL 160D GROUT PUMP (D/acting ram) 4.8 30 7.5 MINICOL 135T GROUT PUMP (Twin ram) 1.5 100 5.5 MINICOL 160SHP GROUT PUMP (S/acting ram) 2.2 100 5.5 5.5 MINICOL 160H GROUT PUMP (S/acting ram …

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OG70 / OG90 full hydraulic Injection grout cement pump is a Single cylinder double-acting grouting pump with hydraulic drive, which is a universal high-pressure grouting pump and is used for Injection grouting in soil, earth foundation stabilization, waterproofing, tunnel lining,underwater foundations , bridge decks , deep well casing, slope …

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A double acting cylinder uses hydraulic power to both extend and retract. You can tell if a cylinder is double acting by looking at the number of ports. See the image below as an example. In contrast, a single acting cylinder has an A port for running the piston down by pressure from the pump but is retracted with an internal spring.