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Structural grout pumping | Pressure grouting | Portolesi

Structural Grout Pumping is a specialist process requiring specific project knowledge and experience to ensure concrete grout is placed into areas without the production of air voids. Portolesi Structural uses a range of specialist pressure grouting pumps and mixing units to ensure that we can successfully complete the largest and most complex …Author: Saran

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Grout under baseplate – Structural engineering general

Jun 20, 2011· Theoretically, there is no reason for grout under a baseplate. Theoretically, the concrete would be perfectly flat, dead-nuts level left and right and fore-and-aft (or north-south-east-west for you civil-type readers out there), and the concrete would be clean and dust free machined to a perfectly flat match with the bottom of the plate – which would of course – also be perfectly falt and dead …

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Crack Repair with Pressure Grouted Epoxy Adhesives

The injection method of filing concrete cracks with epoxy adhesives can be used to fill any concrete crack .002 inches or more in width. Cracks of one-sixtyfourth of an inch wide and 6 to 8 feet deep have been successfully filled; with wider cracks, penetration is virtually unlimited. Within 24 …Author: Author/Robert-W-Gaul

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Operational analyses of pressure tunnel and shaft grouting

MM-T2-03 . Grout Engineering for Directional Drilled Bores . Brian Dorwart, PE, Brierley Associates, Bedford, New Hampshire . 1. ABSTRACT . Grouting of horizontally directional drilled (HDD) bores is becoming a more frequent requirement but failures continue. Grouting is an engineered product, which may be applied to HDD issues.

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Structural grout ing opposed to rock mass grouting is general ly required throughout a pressure tunnel or shaft. The pressure and the volume of structural grouting required to achieve long – ter m …Author: Helmut Wannenmacher

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Sika® Pocket Grout is suitable for the following grout-ing works : Pouring or pressure grouting of formed – up smaller structural repairs Grouting of column or similar size base plates Anchor bolt pockets in building Grouting in marine environment Gravity grouting of cavities, gaps, recesses, etc Packaging CHARACTERISTICS / ADVANTAGES